How to Make My Converse Appear Worn Out

Converse are the perfect trendy, comfortable shoe, but many more hip, Converse wearers refuse to be seen in them if they don't already look worn-in. Obviously, when you first purchase a pair of the shoes, they're going to be perfectly squeaky clean. So, do Converse really look cooler the older they get? If you subscribe to this theory, follow a few simple steps to leave your kicks looking vintage in no time.

Get dirty. Putting good old-fashioned dirt on your shoes will leave them looking worn. Take a handful of dirt and mix it with water in a bowl. Let shoes soak for at least two hours. If you don't want to go this route, go outside and just walk around in the dirt. A few dirt-filled walks and your shoes will look worn in no time.

Fade your shoes. Rub a toothbrush, sandpaper or nail file across your Cnverse until they look faded. If you want your shoes to look scraped, pick up a sharp rock and rub it across the rubber toe and soles of the shoes.

Use a permanent black marker and draw on your shoe. Draw designs or go full-out and completely fill in the rubber tips and soles of the shoes. If black isn't your thing, pick out any color marker that you like and color your Converse as desired.

Loosen up your laces. Take laces out of your shoes and soak them in a muddy water mixture. Lace shoes back but put them back in loosely. This is an effective way to instantly make your converse look more relaxed.