How to Make Layered Recipes in Mason Jars

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Layering the ingredients of a recipe in a mason jar makes an inexpensive and tasty gift. Whether you are including the ingredients for a soup, a pie or a cake, follow a few basic steps to make sure that the layers of your jar are attractive and easy to use.

Choose the recipe that you wish to use for your layered mason jar. See the Resources section for recipe ideas. Gather the required ingredients.

Wash your mason jar. Make sure it is completely dry before placing your ingredients into the jar. Any moisture may damage the ingredients and ruin the layered mix.

Carefully place the layers of ingredients in the jar. Use a funnel to direct the ingredients into the jar without coating the inside. Use a paper towel to wipe away any powdered ingredients that stick to the sides of the jar. Make sure each layer is level before adding the next.

Cut out a circle of fabric that is approximately 2 inches wider than the lid of the jar. Place the flat metal lid on the mason jar and cover it with the fabric. Screw the ring on over the fabric to hold it in place.

On a note card, write out the amount of the wet ingredients required and the directions for making the jar recipe. Punch a hole in the corner of the card. Place the decorative ribbon through the hole and tie the ribbon around the jar.