How to Make Lasagna Noodles

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If you make lasagna at home, you probably use store-bought noodles to save some time. You could have a little more versatility with noodles made from scratch, and it is not as difficult or time-consuming as it sounds. You may use this same recipe to make pasta of all shapes and sizes.

Mix the flour, salt, basil, oregano, onion powder and garlic powder in a large bowl.

Add warm water to flour mixture, and stir it with a wooden spoon. Use your hands to finish mixing it evenly.

Spread flour on a flat surface, and knead the dough on it for 10 minutes.

Form the dough into two even balls. Cover the balls and let them sit for 15 minutes. Divide the two into quarters, which should give you eight even pieces of dough. Keep the cover on the dough so the dough stays moist while you form the noodles.

Remove one piece at a time, and roll it out until it is 1/8 to 1/16 inch thick. Use a knife to cut the rolled-out dough into a strip 3 inches wide by 6 inches long.

Fill a large pot with water and sprinkle in the salt. Bring this to a boil, then add the lasagna noodles one at a time.

Cook for 5 minutes. Use a wooden spoon to gently move the noodles around in the pan so none stick to the pot or each other.

Drain the noodles and layer them into any lasagna recipe.

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