How to Make High-Waisted Shorts

by Lameshia Crawford ; Updated September 28, 2017

High-waisted shorts are higher in the waist than normal shorts. The waistline of the shorts are typically above or at the belly button. They are extremely popular amongst celebrities such as Lauren Conrad, Mischa Barton and Rumor Willis. They are available in many fabrics and the styles range from fitted, to pleated and bulky. Rocking this style can be a little costly for some, as far as out-of-pocket cost. Making them on your own can give the same look for next to nothing.

Items you will need

  • Shorts or pants
  • Scissors
Step 1

Try on your shorts or pants to make sure they fit and the waist comes up to your belly button.

Step 2

Cut the legs of shorts or pants from front to back, to achieve the desired length. The back of the shorts should be longer than the front, making a slight “C” curve.

Step 3

Try them on to see how they fit. Remove the shorts and trim were needed.

Step 4

Roll shorts at the bottom to achieve a cuffed look or wash them for a frayed look.


  • For best results, look around thrift stores for older jean shorts or pants that have that “mom jean” style. For a chic look, high waist shorts are great paired with a short jacket. Tuck in bulky shirts to keep the high waist shorts exposed.

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