How to Stone Wash Jeans at Home


Regular jeans are relatively stiff and tight when new. While many like that fresh "just from the store look," others prefer wearing jeans that are softer, with a worn and faded appearance. Purchasing ''stone-washed'' jeans is quite expensive. Creating ''stone-washed'' jeans at home, is relatively easy and inexpensive.


Search for pebbles or ball-sized round rocks at the seashore or near a running brook. Make sure that they are smooth and round so they will not cut the jeans.

Start the wash cycle in your washing machine. Add detergent, bleach and the rocks. When the washer tub is 1/4 filled, add the jeans that you want to stonewash.

Let it go through the wash cycle as usual. As the water begins to drain-just before the wash cycle-stop the machine. Allow the jeans to soak in the wash water for about 3-4 hours.

Return and once again turn on the washing machine. Let it continue to finish the entire wash and rinse cycle. When the washer stops, remove the jeans and check to see if you got the look you wanted.

Put the jeans in the dryer to dry. Wet jeans will not always show the faded or worn look of stonewashing. If not satisfied, go through the entire process once again, either immediately or at a later time.