How to Make Dry Oil

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Dry oil moisturizes dry skin while imparting a subtle sheen without the greasy feel of traditional oils. Dry oils can be either perfumed or fragrance-free. When making your own dry oil, you have the benefit of choosing the level of moisture your skin needs and your favorite fragrance. The term "dry oil" is a bit of a misnomer: the oil is a liquid, and it is mostly silicone, which acts as a vehicle for oils to absorb into the skin. Because oils absorb more quickly when paired with silicone products, they leave the skin feeling smooth, not sticky.

Measure the desired quantity of cyclomethicone, and add it to a spray bottle. A 5:1 ratio of cyclomethicone to oil is recommended. In other words, 5 tsp. cyclomethicone are needed for every teaspoon of oil, yielding 6 tsp. dry oil.

Measure the necessary amount of essential oil of your choice, and add it to the cyclomethicone.

Close the spray bottle, and invert it several times to mix.