How to Make Cake Tins

Cake tins are molds used to create cakes of various shapes. The most traditional cake tins are rectangular, square or round. Some festive cake tins feature bunt shapes, leaf shapes and many others. Unusually shaped cake tins, usually featured around the holidays, often cost more than the traditionally shaped ones. With a bit of innovation and a couple of simple household objects, you can easily create your own completely customized cake tins in whatever shapes you wish for little cost.

Locate a household object that is the shape you would like your cake tin to be.

Tear 4 sheets of tin foil large enough to cover the object. Tear 1 sheet slightly larger than the others to provide a shield between the object and the other sheets of tin foil that can be easily grasped and pulled from the other sheets of tin foil.

Place the longest sheet of tin foil onto the object first followed by the other 4 sheets.

Press the foil firmly against the object so that the foils completely conform to its shape.

Remove the foils from the object, and discard of the innermost, longest piece of foil that was pressed directly against the object.