How to Make Baby Bibs

How to Make Baby Bibs. To make your own baby bibs, you can use various materials, many of them already sitting in your house. Follow these steps.

Visit the website to find free patterns. These patterns can be saved directly online and printed immediately and often come with detailed instructions. Simply cut the fabric by following the pattern, sew and add some type of closure such as a snap.

Find a dish towel or hand towel with a cute print on it. Stitch two ties from ribbon to the short end of the towel. This makes an easy to wash bib.

Cut the fabric in a circle to make a round bib. At the top of the circle, cut in about two inches and then cut a circle the size of your baby's neck measurement. This will be round in the front, but tapers off behind the neck and ties or snaps. An alternative to hemming is to use binding tape around the neck opening and around the entire bib. Add a snap, tie strings or Velcro.

Cut the square shape you want. At the top, cut in about two inches for rectangular or square bibs. Then cut the circle for the neck opening. The rectangle or square should be no longer than mid-chest. Measure from shoulder to shoulder in front and take a couple of inches off each side. This is the width you want the bib. Add some type of closing. Either hem or use the binding tape.

Cut the old T-shirt of a sibling from the back all the way through the neck. Hem the cut edges to complete the look. Add a snap or Velcro closing along the hemmed edges of the neck band. This should be large enough to cover the entire outfit.