How to Make a Turban Pattern

Have you ever wanted to make a turban? The key is to get the pattern down. Once you learn this pattern, the turban will be wrapped easily around your head. While there are innumerable ways you can make a turban, the one we have here is a simple men's turban wrap.

Buy a turban wrap. If you don't have a vendor close by, the Internet will be your best friend. With it, you should have no trouble finding a company to buy a turban from.

Make sure the turban is made of "rubia" or "voyal" cloth. Do not use Mamal. Mamal is a fine cloth that isn't good for this kind of turban.

Now that you have the cloth, you're ready to go. Fold the cloth in half the long way. Now, this part gets confusing to some people. Carefully place the turban cloth over your head, so that both sides are hanging off from your head and covering your ears.

Grab the cloth on both sides at the nose height level. Pull it tight, but not so tight that it will end up hurting your ears. You want to have a firm grasp of both sides, but also be in no discomfort.

Now that we have the cloth in hand, move down the cloth a bit with your hands. Practice will make perfect in determining how far. Pull both sides behind your head, and then trade hands. Once you've traded hands, pull both sides until they're even with your temple (on your forehead). This should cause the beginning of the turban to form on your head.

Do the same thing as Step 5, but in reverse. That is to say, pull the cloth around both sides of the front of your head and trade hands. Repeat this process until the remaining cloth is at the desired length. At the very end, just make a knot to secure it's position.

This is just the post basic of turban patterns. After this, you can add some decorations if you want to. There's all sorts of variety to be done. Check out the websites below to see more advanced turban wrapping techniques and patterns. Hope you enjoyed this guide!!