How to Make a Tail for a Tuxedo Jacket

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A tailed tuxedo jacket, also called a tailcoat, is quickly making a comeback into men's fashion as a rather classy way to stand out in a crowd. Buying tailcoats can be rather expensive to say the least, but with a bit of skill with a needle and thread, you can easily turn one of your jackets into a tailed coat.

Ensure that your coat fits you properly. It should fit well about the shoulders and the top two buttons should fasten securely.

Put the coat on. Using the chalk, draw a line across the coat on level with your belly button. Make it straight and even from arm to arm then draw another line straight down to make the tails of the coat. Get a friend to assist you with this if you must.

Take your seam ripper and loosen the lining of the jacket, avoiding any seams above the marked chalk line.

Cut the jacket along the line you marked. Be sure not to cut the lining as you do so. If you wish to make sure your jacket is even, make the first cut, then fold it over. Use the first cut as a template for the second.

Trim the lining and tuck it up into the jacket. Pin it into place.

Stitch the lining to the jacket. Hem as needed before wearing.