How to Make a T-Shirt Larger

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People can end up with ill-fitting shirts for a number of reasons. Perhaps they received the shirt as a hand-me-down, it was the only size available for the style they wanted to buy or they have simply outgrown the shirt. If you find that your favorite T-shirt is too tight, you can try stretching it out yourself to make it larger before giving it away, throwing it out or recycling it.

Rinse the T-shirt under cold or cool water until it is soaking wet. Wring the shirt out gently to get most of the water out.

Place the T-shirt on a flat area, like a table or ironing board. Grip the top and bottom of the shirt and slowly but gently pull. Stretch it along the top and bottom until the shirt begins to stretch to the size you want. Grip the two sides of the T-shirt and pull both sides out in the same way until the whole shirt is the right size.

Place the shirt on a plastic hanger. Hang it in a cool dry place to let it air dry. Once the shirt is completely dry, it is ready to wear.