How to Make a Simple and Elegant Wedding Dress

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Making your own wedding dress may be the best way to combine the simple and elegant elements you want in a gown. In addition, it can be an intensely personal and rewarding experience. Not only will you have a wedding dress that reflects your personal style but also you will have the opportunity to add details and modifications at every step. In this way, you can have a design that is truly your own.

Select a pattern that represents the style you are looking for. Choose a design that flatters your body without hiding it, as well as one that will exude elegance as you walk down the aisle.

Purchase the specified amount of fabric, lining and other items listed on the pattern envelope. Choose classic materials that do not need embellishments to look stunning. Simple fabrics such as bridal satin, lace and chiffon make beautiful wedding gowns without needing a lot of beading or frills. If you decide to make the outer layer out of a thin material, use a thick lining fabric to keep the wedding dress opaque.

Measure the circumference of your bust, waist and hips to determine the best size for you according to the pattern's sizing chart. Fold your material in half lengthwise unless otherwise specified. Cut out the paper pattern and pin it to the fabric as indicated in the pattern's layout guidelines, usually found on the first or second page of the pattern's instructions. At this stage, ensure that you adhere to grain line specifications so your finished garment will hang well on your body.

Cut out the fabric as indicated by the pattern. Pin the pattern pieces together according to the pattern's instructions. Stitch them in place and, when all the pieces are sewn, try the gown on. Make any adjustments by taking in or letting out the fabric at symmetrical seams. In other words, what is done on the left side must be done on the right. Enlist the help of a friend if you need to adjust the back or sides of the gown.

Sew the lining together in the same way that you sewed the dress. Adjust as needed, and sew it into the gown at the neckline, keeping right sides together. When the seam is complete, flip the lining inside to give the outside of the wedding dress a clean, smooth edge.

Install all necessary zippers, buttons, hooks, eyes, corset eyelets, etc. Try your gown on once more to ensure that no final adjustments are needed.