How to Make a Silk Wrist Corsage

Unlike fresh corsages, silk corsages last indefinitely, giving you the ability to wear them several times with a wide range of outfits. A silk wrist corsage requires materials that can be obtained from a craft supply store, and it serves as a crafty way to embellish your wardrobe. When you make your own silk corsages, you can give them as gifts and customize them to be casual or formal.

Snip the stem from a silk flower of your choice. Leave about 1 inch of stem protruding from the blossom. Silk flowers vary in type, color and texture. This makes them excellent choices for making your own silk corsages for any occasion, whether you like exotics or common garden florals.

Cut a 4-inch length of wide-gauge silk ribbon from the roll. Squeeze a thin line of hot glue down the center of the strip of ribbon.

Wind the glued side of the ribbon around the short stem of the snipped flower. Do this tightly to ensure that it securely wraps the stem.

Apply two dots of hot glue, one above the other, on one broad side of the wrapped stem of the blossom. Apply the glued side of the flower to the top center of a bangle bracelet. The silk corsage may be formal or casual, depending on the type of bangle you choose. Get creative and experiment with different bangle varieties. Let the wrist corsage dry for 10 minutes.

Snip a 10-inch length of ribbon from the roll. Tie the length of ribbon into a simple bow. Apply a dot of hot glue to one side of the bow in the center of the knotted part of it.

Press the glued side of the bow to the exposed front of the wrapped stem of the silk flower. Do this just beneath the blossom. This adds a further silk accent to the corsage.