How to Make a Sash for a Flower Girl Dress With an Attached Bow

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After months of searching you have finally found the flower girl dress of your dreams. There's only one problem – you've always imagined a beautiful silk sash cinching the waist, and a fluffy bow gracing the little girl's back. Don't pass up the opportunity to purchase the perfect flower girl's dress because it is missing a sash and bow. Creating one yourself is probably one of the simplest tasks you will perform in preparing for your wedding.

Measure the flower girl's waist with measuring tape.

Cut a length of silk ribbon that measures about six inches wide, and is the same length as the flower girl's waist, plus an additional 20 inches. Instead of ribbon, use any type of fabric that will fit into the theme of your wedding -- a swatch of fabric from your bridesmaids dresses, or even a favorite scarf in the proper color.

Wrap the sash around the flower girl's waist so that the ribbon overlaps just slightly, directly into the center of the back. Use a safety pin to attach it to the dress by first pushing the pin through the ribbon, then through the dress, back out through the dress and the other side of the ribbon before securing the clasp. This will most likely be where the bottom of the zipper is located; if this is the case just make sure the zipper is zipped up before attaching the ribbon. Cut off the additional ribbon.

Form the remaining ribbon into a bow with eight inch tails on each side, and push a safety pin through the center to hold it in place.

Pin the bow to the sash in the center of the back, making sure to cover the safety pin holding the sash to the dress.