How to Make a Roux in the Microwave

How to Make a Roux in the Microwave. A good dark roux is the basis of most Cajun cooking. You can make a wonderful roux in the microwave without the tedious steps of constantly stirring a pot or tending the stove.

Measure equal amounts of flour and oil into your bowl. A large gumbo would benefit from a full cup of oil combined with a full cup of flour. Whisk these two ingredients together to form a thin pasty mixture.

Microwave your mixture on high power for five minutes. Most microwave ovens will not burn a roux in the first five minutes. If you have a low wattage oven, increase this time and reduce the time if your microwave is high powered. A little bit of trial and error on this initial cooking time is to be expected.

Remove the bowl from your microwave with a potholder. The bowl and its contents will be extremely hot. Use caution if lowering your bowl down from above, making sure not to splatter the hot oil on yourself.

Whisk your roux thoroughly with a wire whisk. This prevents any lumps from forming and evenly distributes the browning flour throughout the mixture. You will notice the color go from pale to a darker brown with this first cooking.

Cook the roux in thirty-second increments until it reaches the desired color, whisking it between cookings. Aim for a very dark brown roux, but not black. If you begin to smell a smoky smell, you are in danger of burning your roux. The roux will thicken and become somewhat grainy as it cooks. When it is dark enough for your liking, your microwave roux can be used in soups, gumbos, etoufees and other Cajun dishes.