How to Make a Quick Weave Closure Piece

by Loletrazina Church ; Updated September 28, 2017

Make a quick weave closure to make the quick weave unnoticeable.

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A quick weave is a hair weaving technique where you glue a full head of hair to a skull or wave cap. Choose your preference for the type or style of weaved hair you want to use. Use curly or straight hair, long or short hair, filled with highlights or all one color. No matter which style or type you use, the method allows you to apply and remove the entire foundation from your head. When applying a quick weave, don't forget the closure piece to make it unnoticeable.

Lay a small piece of hair out on a flat surface with the bottom or back side up. The weave hair should be close to the size of the opening on the crown of your head

Apply bonding glue to the bottom of the closure piece of hair.

Apply bonding glue along the small opening on the crown of your head.

Place the closure piece in a circular pattern on the opening at the crown of your head and press down for five to 10 seconds to secure the piece in place.

Trim and style the closure piece to blend with the quick weave hairpiece.

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