How to Make a Pants Pattern

Are you in the market for a new pair of pants, but can't seem to find a pair that fits right and is affordable? Why not make your own pants? Making a pair of pants is easy. It all starts with having the right pants pattern. If you already own a pair of pants with the perfect fit, and you have some sewing skills, you can fabricate a pants pattern that will produce the perfect pair of pants for you.

Make your very own pants pattern using an existing pair of pants. If you have a pair of pants that fit perfect, yet they are about to fall apart, take them apart and use the pieces for your pants pattern.

Use a seam ripper to take apart the pair of pants. Do not attempt to tear apart the seams on clothing without a seam ripper. It is a handy little tool that cuts right through the threads on any garment. Using your seam ripper, take your pants apart at the seams.

Lay the parts on large sheets of paper. Attach the pants parts to the paper using straight pins.

Trace the pants parts onto the paper with a pencil. Once you have traced all the parts, cut out each part of the pants using a sharp pair of scissors.

Remove the straight pins, putting them back into the pin cushion, and set the fabric pants parts aside. The paper cutouts of your pants parts is now your new pants pattern. This is what you will use when creating your pair of pants.