How to Make a Horseshoe Centerpiece

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Using horseshoes can be creative and thrifty if you need a centerpiece to match a western or Irish-themed event or room. Depending on the event, you may want new horseshoes, used horseshoes that are rustic or plastic ones that you can purchase from a craft store. If you’re looking for something with flowers, you can use Styrofoam cut in the shape of a horseshoe. With all the options, the hardest part will be choosing which centerpiece you wish to make.

Horseshoe Candle Holder

Place two of the new horseshoes on a table with the rounded part down, at a right angle to each other. When all four horseshoes are in place, it will form a square box. Glue the first two together where they meet at the sides. Hold them together until the glue starts to dry.

Glue on the third and then the fourth on both sides. Wrap a wide piece of masking tape around the horseshoes to hold them in place overnight. In the morning, remove the tape.

Cut a piece of cardboard to fit the bottom of the box created by the horseshoes. Cut the corners of the cardboard so they don’t protrude past the horseshoes by rounding them. Glue the cardboard to the bottom of the horseshoes.

Place a handful of raffia in bottom of the centerpiece and spread it around. It’s OK if it sticks out of the horseshoes a bit as it will add to the rustic look.

Fill a glass bowl halfway with black glass pieces. Place a votive candle in the center of the bowl with the glass pieces holding it in place.

Put the glass bowl in the center of the horseshoes over the raffia. Place on the table and light the candle.

Floral Horseshoe Shaped Centerpiece

Cut a piece of Styrofoam in the shape of a horseshoe. This can be any size you need for your table.

Cut the greens and flowers so they each have a stem at least 1/2 inch long at the end. Lay the Styrofoam horseshoe down on its side.

Begin to stick the stems in the Styrofoam along the sides, both inside and outside. Work your way up to the top. Use longer greens and larger flowers along the sides, and smaller ones at the top. Fill in the entire piece.

Stick a floral pick bow off center at the rounded end of the horseshoe. Place the centerpiece on the table.