How to Make a Homemade Cook Book

Cooking is an enjoyable experience for many people. Some people cook simply for the pleasure of finding or creating new recipes. Over time, those recipes add up and can be the basis for a homemade cook book that you can always have by your side in the kitchen. Learn how to make a homemade cook book that will look great and keep all your favorite recipes in one place, ready to hand down to the next generation of cooks in your family.

Compile your favorite recipes on your computer using any word processor or even one of the recipe software programs on the market (see resources). You can even create a cookbook online for free, without the need for any other software (see resources).

Take photographs of the dishes you want to include in your homemade cookbook. Make them appealing. Present them in nice settings. Scan the images into your computer and put them in your cookbook. Most word processors will allow you to simply insert the graphics and the recipe text will format around the graphics.

Do one recipe per page. Make sure you list all of the ingredients needed for the recipe as well as complete cooking instructions. If you have an anecdote to go along with the recipe, include that to give your homemade cookbook some entertainment value.

Print your cookbook on glossy paper. You can print only on the front side of each sheet or both sides. your printer will have an option for two-sided printing if you prefer that style. Use a slightly heavier card stock for your homemade cookbook cover. If you plan to use a binder and three-hole punch for your cookbook, you may consider printing a cover page to glue on to the front of the binder.

Bind your homemade cookbook in a binder with three rings or staple it together by placing three staples along the edge from the center of the cookbook. You can also purchase binding components from an art supplies or hobby store. How you bind your cookbook is up to you. Consider the size of the cookbook and determine which way will work best.