How to Make a Head Stand for a Wig

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Styrofoam wig heads can be found in almost any store that sells wigs, but these generic forms are not ideal for storing wigs. They are often smaller than a real head, and are too short to allow longer wigs to hang naturally. A better alternative is to make your own head stand for your wigs. You will use items that you may already have around the house, and the assistance of a friend whose head is the same size as yours.

Put a wig cap on a friend with a head size similar to yours, then tuck all hair under it.

Put a large plastic bag over your friend's head. Cut a slit in the front with a pair of scissors for the nose to poke out, allowing normal breathing.

Draw a line down the front of the bag with a marker. It will connect the forehead to the top of the nose slit, and the bottom of the nose slit to the chin.

Cut 6-inch pieces of clear packaging tape and use them to cover your friend's head, overlapping them slightly to ensure full coverage. Do not cover the nose or the marker line; leave that plastic exposed.

Cover your friend's head with two more layers of tape pieces, forming a semi-rigid shell on top of the plastic.

Tear the plastic open along the marker line, allowing your friend to remove the head form.

Tape the marker seam shut and cover the hole left behind by the nose.

Stuff the head form with cotton batting.

Fill a 2-liter bottle with sand to serve as a base. Screw the cap on tightly.

Set the head form onto the base and tape it in place. You can now store your wigs on the finished head stand, and pin them in place for styling if needed.