How to Make a Gay Pride Float

How to Make a Gay Pride Float. A gay pride parade is an exciting time to stand up and show the world your enthusiasm for your lifestyle. Over the years, as pride parades have developed into exciting events which citizens, gay and straight, look forward to, the floats have become a major attraction. Some floats make you laugh, some make you think, some make a statement and many combine all these aspects. Your only limitations are your imagination with pride floats.

Decide upon a theme for your float. Most likely you will not be the only person working on this float, so it is important to all come to an agreement. Think about what message you want your float to send, work up some sketches and know precisely what you are aiming for before starting.

Determine your budget for building supplies. Gay pride parade floats are not cheap, so many floats are sponsored by organizations that will foot the bill for you. Knowing how much money you have will also help dictate your design, as you will have to find materials that fit your price range.

Recruit as many people as you can to build a float. Ask your friends and colleagues if they would be willing to volunteer their time and effort in order to create a pride float. Help the people in small ways, since you cannot compensate them for their time, something as simple as providing pizza and drinks makes a big difference in morale.

Use bright rainbow colors of flowers and paper to symbolize the gay pride event. Many gay pride floats are quite colorful and showcase the exuberance of those who are riding on them.

Construct your float as safely as possible. If you plan to have people standing on the float, be sure there is a safety system for them to hold on to. Many parades have regulations regarding construction and safety, read your guidelines.

Take the float for a test drive. Fix any issues that arise so your float will work perfectly.