How to Make a Family Reunion Video

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Photos
  • Computer
  • Scanner
  • Sideshow video software
  • Music
  • Recordable DVD
  • Projector

How to Make a Family Reunion Video. They say a picture's worth a thousand words. So why bore your guests with lengthy toasts and speeches when you can wow them with a video worth more words than anyone could say. Collect the favorite, and not-so-favorite, family photos and put them in a video slideshow for all reunion guests to enjoy.

Step 1

Collect photos from family members. Ask for old photos and new photos, funny and serious. Be sure to collect a collage of all aspects of the family life.

Step 2

Scan photos using a computer and scanner. Save all picture files in the same folder on your hard drive or on a single CD for easier access.

Step 3

Use a slideshow video making computer program or go online to find a service where you can make your own slideshow using your photos.

Step 4

Put all photos into a new slideshow project. Organize them by individual families, chronologically, scattered or in any order you think makes the most sense for your reunion.

Step 5

Add captions to photos in the slideshow program. Date all the photos , or just the ones in which the date seems important.

Step 6

Download some quiet background music to add to the video. The music can be added into the program so it plays while viewing the photos.

Step 7

Save the video to a recordable DVD, and play it at the family reunion.


  • Try to include all family members. Ask for others to help you identify people and dates for photos. Use a laptop computer attached to a projector aimed at a large white wall for a big video screening.


  • When asking for photos, make sure to note that all photos may not be used in the slideshow depending on time constraints.