How to Make a Fake Goatee

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Changing your look, whether for a theatrical role, a costume or just for fun, can be done by altering your appearance in various ways. Adding a fake goatee is one way to change your style and appearance. Making a fake goatee can be done at home with easy-to-find items and a little patience.

Cut doll or wig hair to the length of the goatee hair you need. Lay all the hair on a table, and make sure to trim all the hair before applying any to your face. Use a white piece of paper with a face shape drawn on it to gauge how much hair you will need to create the goatee.

Wash and dry your face. Apply a thin layer of spirit gum to your face, making sure you have the adhesive around your mouth and below your bottom lip. You will need to have the tacky adhesive in every spot where hair will be attached.

Press the cut hair onto the adhesive. Use tweezers for short pieces and fill in all gaps and spaces. Continue adding hair in small sections until you create the fake goatee look you want.

Allow the spirit gum to dry and the fake hair to set. Go back through and fill in small holes with mascara or an eyeliner pencil in a shade that matches the color of the goatee.