How to Make a Dog Tag Chain Shorter

Zedcor Wholly Owned/ Images

Dog tags are a means of military identification worn on an adjustable ball chain around the neck. They typically list information including name, blood type and rank -- serving to provide crucial data about an injured soldier. In recent times, dog tags have also become popular as a civilian fashion accessory and marketing tool. A dog tag is formed of three simple parts: the tag itself, the ball chain and the connector. You may easily adjust the chain, using a pair of pliers.

Measure the exact amount of ball chain you want to remove. Chain from a ball chain may only be removed; it cannot be added back. So measure carefully.

Cut the chain at the designated point, using a pair of Lineman’s pliers or sharp scissors. Do not discard the separated portion.

Remove the connector from the separated portion of ball chain by unsnapping it, and attach it to the end of the adjusted chain. Place the dog tag around your neck to check the length.