How to Make a Dog Shaped Cake

Having homemade birthday cakes for party or special events is a lot more fun and tasty than purchasing a cake from a bakery. Decorating cakes can be challenging, but even a beginner can make this Dalmatian shaped cake. Make this cake for a dog themed birthday party, a firefighter themed birthday party or just for fun. Your guests won’t be able to keep their paws off.

Frost the 9-inch cakes and the cupcakes. Stack the 9-inch cakes to make a layer cake with two layers. Set the two cupcakes below the cake to look like paws.

Wrap the Fruit by the Foot around the top edge of the cake to look like a collar and add a green Necco wafer dog tag.

Decorate the face by using the licorice to define the ears and jowls. Use two Necco wafers for eyes topped with two blue M&M's. Cut a short piece of Fruit by the Foot and add it under the jowls to look like a tongue.

Use the Junior mints to make a nose and spots all over the face. Put three of them on the bottom edge of each cupcake to make them look like paws.