How to Make a Dance Floor for a Wedding

by LarryP ; Updated September 28, 2017

Make your own dance floor out of plywood and laminate flooring.

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Weddings can be difficult enough to plan, but what if your reception area has no dance floor. The DJ and the dance floor can be one of the highlights of any wedding. If you don't have a dance floor you can make one yourself for cheaper than renting one. Also, it will only take about an hour and a half of your time to put one together. There are even steps to make your dance floor acceptable for outside weddings as well. The dance floor outlined below is 16-by-16 feet and is suitable for 75 people.

Screw three hinges on, bringing two pieces of plywood together. Place a hinge every one foot starting one foot from one of the tops of the boards. Using hinges will provide you with a little give to the dance floor while guests are on it and also keeps the dance floor together. Screw three hinges on each of the sheets to keep all four of your sheets of plywood together.

Tape the carpet tape over the seams on the opposite side of the plywood that the hinges are on. This will give your dance floor a more seamless look. Each roll of carpet tape is 15 feet long. Do not tape over like a cross, cut your tape when it meets up in the center of the cross. You will get a bump in the middle of the floor if you "double tape" the center.

Nail on the foam flooring to the bottom of the 16-by-16 sheet you have just constructed. Make sure the foam portion is on the same side as the hinges. Also, make sure you nail along the outside of the 16-by-16 floor. The foam is for outside weddings, or a concrete surface that you would be using. It gives it a softer feel for your dancing guests.

Clean the surface that the carpet tape is on. You want to ensure that there is no debris or little shavings from nailing on the foam or screwing on the hinges. Also, while cleaning make sure all your nails and screws are firmly into the plywood. You don't want nail or screw tops sticking up or crooked because then your laminate will not adhere correctly and be bumpy for your guests that may be bare footed.

Adhere your 1-by-1 laminate sheets to the top of the plywood. Do a full edge of sheets before moving to your next row. This will ensure that they are put on straight. If you find that one of your sheets is being stubborn of if you misplaced one you can use wood glue to adhere the sheets down.


  • Nail sizes are dependent upon how thick your foam flooring is. For example, if your foam flooring is 1/2 inch thick then you would want 1-inch nails to ensure they get all the way through your plywood and foam flooring. Also, if you have a bigger wedding party and need a larger dance floor, you can use the same method just more sheets of plywood and supplies. For instance 120 guests would be 20-by-20 feet.


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