How to Make a Child's Skirt Without a Pattern

This is a great beginner's project or a simple and quick way to make some cute skirts for your daughter.

Spread the material out on a table. The long side of the material will be the width of the skirt.

Along the long side of the material, measure a length 10" more than the child's hip measurement. Trim the rest of the material off evenly.

Line up the edge you have just cut with the opposite edge, right sides together.

With a sewing machine (or by hand) make a seam five-eighths of an inch from the edge.

Using an iron, press the seam open so that it lays flat.

Decide which edge will be the waist. Still working with the wrong side of the fabric showing, fold the edge of the waist over about one-quarter of an inch.

Fold the edge over again about an inch farther and iron this fold down. (Your first fold should not show now.)

Stitch this edge to the body of the skirt. This will form the casing to put the elastic in. Leave about two inches unstitched, so you can insert the elastic.

Measure and cut off a piece of elastic as long as the child's waist measurement.

Insert the elastic into the casing and pull it through so the two ends meet, creating the waist. Sew the two ends together. Stitch the ends of the elastic together several times so that it won't come apart while being worn.

Sew the two-inch opening so that the elastic is out of sight.

After deciding how long you want the skirt to be, add two inches to that measurement in order to create the hem. Cut the bottom of the skirt evenly.

Sew the seam binding onto the right side of the bottom edge and pin up the hem evenly.

Hem the skirt.