How to Make a Baby Changing Pad

by Amy Hannaford ; Updated September 28, 2017

If you're looking for an inexpensive baby shower gift try making this baby changing pad that any new mom will appreciate. It is portable and can be thrown in a diaper bag or a stroller. Follow the easy instructions below to sew up a baby changing pad today.

Cut one 36 1/2-inch by 18 1/2-inch rectangle each out of the cotton material, prequilted flannel material and the vinyl sheeting.

Place the cotton material right side up.

Lay the prequilted flannel piece on top of the cotton piece with right sides together.

Lay the vinyl sheeting on top of the flannel piece.

Pin around the edges to hold all three layers of material together. Leave one short side open.

Stitch around three sides using a 1/2-inch seam allowance. Leave one short end open.

Turn the changing pad right side out. The vinyl sheeting should be sandwiched between the cotton and flannel material.

Turn under 1/2-inch on the unfinished ends of the open short side and pin together.

Top stitch around all four sides of the changing pad.

Pin the middle of ribbon to the center of one short end of the changing pad. The ribbon should run lengthwise along the changing pad.

Hand sew the ribbon to the changing pad.

Roll up the changing pad starting from the short end without the ribbon.

Tie the ribbon around the changing pad.


  • For a cute baby shower gift, roll up inside the changing pad a pack of diaper wipes and a few diapers.

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