How to Iron a Wedding Veil?

The veil is an important part of the bride's wedding attire. It's a traditional element that completes the bridal look. Veils are typically made of very thin, sensitive material that wrinkles easily. This can be frustrating because as you move things around and try it on several times, you might find that it has been wrinkled. Because it is so thin, you have to take great care when ironing your veil so you don't burn or ruin it. Make sure you leave some time to do this a few days before the wedding so you're not rushing around at the last minute to get the wrinkles out.

Set up your ironing board. Fill the iron with water halfway up, plug it in and turn it on. Set the iron to the lowest setting possible or "low heat." Allow the iron to warm up.

Drape the veil across the ironing board and flatten it out, smoothing it to make sure there aren't any bunched sections. Place a clean rag over the veil. Carefully run the iron over the clean rag and use steam. Make sure you move in a slow but consistent and steady manner. Move the clean rag and veil as you need to continue ironing.

Hang the veil on a hanger and hang on the shower curtain rod. Plug the blow dryer in and turn it on a low setting. Hold the edge of the veil with one hand and carefully blow dry the veil, moving the blow dryer on the veil fairly quickly. The steam from the iron will leave the veil damp; you don't want to leave it damp because mildew can grow.

Leave the veil hanging in an area where it will not be touching other items and can hang as high up as possible so it stays off the floor.

If the veil becomes wrinkled again before the wedding and you don't have time to iron it and blow dry, then just turn the shower on really hot and close the bathroom door so the steam builds up. Leave the veil on a hanger and hang in the bathroom. Leave in there for 10 to 15 minutes and the wrinkles should come out.