How to Iron a Skirt

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

How to Iron a Skirt. Ironing is a simple task that you can master in a single afternoon. Follow these steps to iron a skirt.

Turn the skirt inside out and place it on the ironing board with the waistband closest to the end. Iron the side flat.

Iron the skirt's hem flat while it is still inside out. Using a steam iron prevent the hem from "flipping up."

Turn the skirt back so that it the outer side is exposed. Pass the skirt over the ironing board. Straighten the part near the waist as flat as possible. Iron the waist, rotating the skirt until you come full circle.

Take the skirt off of the board. Slip it back on the ironing board in opposite direction. Iron the body of the skirt all the way around until you reach the point where you started. Don't forget to pay extra attention to getting the hem to lay flat with your hand as you go.


  • For extra heavy or wrinkled material, use steam or spray starch when fabric care directions allow. Check the items care instructions for which heat setting to use on your iron. Cotton tends to take more heat, as polyester and rayon take less.

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