How to Identify a Fake Balenciaga Purse

Balenciaga purses are fabulous designer purses which hold their value due to high public demand. As a result, there are countless people trying to make a quick buck by selling replicas of the purses. Be wary of fake Balenciagas on the market and avoid being duped into buying one. Here are some surefire ways to identify a fake Balenciaga purse.

Examine the purse's leather. Balenciaga purses are made of naturally distressed goat leather. It should feel soft and supple. If you stand the purse up, it will naturally slouch. If the purse you are looking at stands up on its own, it is not an authentic Balenciaga.

Look at the hardware on the purse. Balenciaga hardware is either brass or a dull silver. If the hardware on the purse is shiny, it is not authentic.

Observe the stitching on the purse. If it is uneven, overlapped or sloppy, it is a fake. Balenciaga is a high-end brand that only produces beautiful, top-notch stitching. Any loose threads are a sure sign of a fake.

Check every zipper for a leather tassel. The tassels should be made of the same supple leather as the purse itself. If the tassels look shiny or plastic-like, it is likely a replica purse.

Look for a name plate on the outside of the purse. If it has one, it is not authentic. Balenciaga puts their tags on the inside of their purses, either in metal or leather. They will list either the style or serial number on the tag.

Check the extra tassels that come with the purse. If they are rolled in a circle, it is not a real purse. Balenciaga always sends extra tassels in a clear, flat plastic wrapping. It may be folded in on itself but the tassels inside will never be rolled.

Scrutinize the purse photos carefully and compare them to authentic photos from the Balenciaga website. If the seller does not list photos of the actual purse for sale, beware. If he only lists stock photos, ask to see photos of the actual purse.