How to Have a Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser

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A pancake breakfast fundraiser is a fantastic and profitable way to make money for your endeavor, whether it’s a sports team, sorority, church or charity. Planning the fundraiser is relatively straightforward, and there are always people willing to donate money, especially if the donation comes with pancakes. Make sure you have a helpful staff of willing volunteers before you start preparing the fundraiser; trying to do everything yourself can turn out to be much more difficult than you imagined.

Plan a date and time and research possible venues for your fundraiser. Book the location well in advance (4 to 6 weeks) so that you have plenty of time to advertise the event. School cafeterias or gymnasiums, church recreation rooms and VFW halls are great spots to host your fundraiser.

Advertise in venues and locations pertinent to the organization the fundraiser will benefit. For example, a sorority might advertise to other Greek organizations while a charity may post their advertisements at churches or in a newspaper.

Decide what food to serve besides pancakes. Bacon and sausage are very popular, but you may also want to offer vegetarian options like rolls or vegan meat. Orange juice and apple juice are also staples of any pancake breakfast. Also provide syrup, sugar-free syrup and butter. Visit the venue to sketch a layout of the tables and cooking areas.

Gather the team that will help with the fundraiser, including assistants, the set-up and clean-up crews and the cooks. Make sure you retain them well ahead of time.

Prep all of the food before the event starts, and keep it warm throughout the event. Consider cooking a batch of pancakes before your first hungry guests arrive.

Sell tickets ahead of time as well as at the door. Leave a donation jar at the front table to encourage additional contributions. Try to find a store or restaurant that will donate a small raffle prize in exchange for some advertising; many businesses are happy to assist local charities

Feed your volunteers after the fundraiser ends, and don’t forget to individually thank them for their efforts.