How to Hang Christmas Lights From Eaves Made of Vinyl

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To hang Christmas lights from eaves made of vinyl, you used to have to drill a hole in the vinyl, damaging the material and likely invalidating your warranty. Vinyl-siding S-clips eliminate the need to drill when adding sparkle to your house during the holidays. The specialty clips are seasonally available at hardware and home-improvement stores, or you can purchase them year-round from Internet websites. You also can use the clips to hang decorations for any holiday, not just Christmas.

Measure the length of your house before purchasing lights and vinyl S-clips. You will need one strand of lights for every 50 feet measured.

Lean the ladder on flat ground so that the top is extended above the eaves. Always have someone on the ground spotting for safety reasons. For more on ladder safety, see the Resources section.

Slip each vinyl S-clip along eaves, spaced according to the manufacturer's instructions. Use the ruler to check for even spacing. Move the ladder as needed and be careful not to over-stretch when hanging the clips or the ladder might tip over.

Starting on the side farthest from the outlet and with the receptacle end of the light strand, slip the light cords through each S-clip. Add strands as needed.

Plug the final strand into the extension cord. Plug the extension cord into the outlet.