How to Glaze Fur

fur #2 image by Adam Borkowski from

Glazing fur, which is applying a coat to the fur to make it appear lustrous, is a very straightforward process — the actual process is wiping the fur with a cloth after it has been sprayed with a composition. However, creating the composition is much harder because you will have to acquire all of the necessary ingredients and mix them according to the recommended percentages. Glazing your furs will make them appear more shiny and high-end.

Place the fur material on a clean, non-cloth surface to prevent static electricity. Thoroughly mix the composition to ensure that no ingredients are separate, such as the oil.

Pour the composition into an air sprayer. Spray the fur with the air sprayer.

Wipe the fur in the direction of the hair strands. Wait for the fur to dry.

Shake the fur to remove any dirt that was loosened by the composition.