How to Dye Fur Coats

Fur coats can be difficult to come by, especially if you are searching for a second-hand coat for animal rights purposes. If you have found the perfect fur coat to suit your tastes but you would like to alter the color, dye the fur to give the coat a new look. Keep in mind that dye is transparent and you can only dye your coat a darker shade than it already is. Be sure to select a dye that is intended for natural protein fibers like fur.

Set your washing machine to run on its longest cycle on a hot-and-cold rinse cycle.

Fill the washing machine to its lowest level and get the fur coat thoroughly wet by placing it in the bottom of the machine.

Remove the fur coat and add the dye powder to the remaining water according to the dye manufacturer’s instructions. Allow the powder to thoroughly dissolve before placing the fur coat back in the water.

Add a cup of vinegar to help the dye set. The dye is called acid dye because it requires vinegar to help the dye set on the protein fibers.

Allow the washing machine to complete the rest of its cycle.

Remove the garment to check that the dye has been evenly applied. Then, run it through an additional rinse cycle to remove any excess.

Allow the fur coat to dry thoroughly before wearing. If the garment is not the desired shade, repeat the process until the color is correct.