Ingredients of Axe Body Wash

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Axe body wash comes as a shower gel in a 12-oz. container. It’s meant to get you clean and invigorate you at the same time, according to product information. Several ingredients make up this product. It can be found online and on grocery and drug store shelves.

Cleansing Agents

The sodium laureth sulfate in Axe is a cleansing agent that may be derived from coconut. Cocamidopropyl betaine is another cleansing agent known as a surfactant, meaning it degreases fats and suspends soil, which allows these substances to be washed away, says Paula Begoun, author of “The Original Beauty Bible.” Cocamide Mea, meanwhile, provides foaming action.

pH and Thickening Agents

The citric acid in Axe is used to adjust the body wash’s pH. This prevents it from becoming too alkaline, Begoun says. Sodium chloride, commonly known as salt, also appears in Axe. This ingredient is used in cosmetics products like body washes and shampoos to thicken them, according to the Cosmetics Info website.


The PPG-9 in Axe stands for propylene glycol, which is an organic alcohol. It’s used because it attracts water and acts as a moisturizer, according to Cosmetics Info. It’s meant to restore suppleness to your skin and prevent flaking, thus enhancing your skin’s appearance.


Tetrasodium EDTA acts as a preservative in Axe. It binds to metal ions in a product, which prevents deterioration, notes Cosmetics Info. The preservative prevents rancidity, protects fragrance and maintains clarity in Axe.

Methylchloroisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone are also preservatives, according to Cosmetics Info. They prevent bacterial growth in products. These are used only in rinse-off products due to skin sensitization issues, notes Begoun.