How to Get Rid of Pimples Deep Under Skin


0:00 hi this is Angie Warner for pro beauty

0:03 at Pro Pilates in Fort Lauderdale

0:04 Florida and today I'm going to talk to

0:06 you about how to get rid of pimples deep

0:08 underneath the skin there's two types of

0:10 acne non inflammatory acne and

0:13 inflammatory acne and the deep-seated

0:15 pimples underneath the skin is your

0:17 inflammatory acne those are referred to

0:19 as nodules or cysts and there's really

0:22 not a lot you can do in order to get

0:25 those out right away you have to be

0:27 patient they do not have an opening in

0:29 which to be cleared so you have to be

0:31 patient and allow the nodule to work its

0:34 way out through the blood and lymphatic

0:36 system one way you can do that is by

0:39 creating a home concoction of essential

0:42 oils of two parts chamomile and one part

0:45 lavender and using a hot compress and

0:47 applying that to the skin several times

0:50 a week it is important to not attempt to

0:53 remove the nodule as it is outside of

0:56 the follicle and can cause scarring if

0:59 you press too hard around that area so

1:01 just be patient so I have some hot water

1:04 two parts of chamomile one part lavender

1:09 dip in your cotton pad squeeze out the

1:13 excess and this will be your hot

1:16 compress that you're going to apply

1:17 directly on to the affected area so I'm

1:20 going to apply this onto my model skin a

1:22 lot of times they're around the jawline

1:25 this can be due to hormonal imbalances

1:27 and I'm just gonna lightly hold this on

1:29 you can do this at home yourself several

1:32 times a week and it should start to go

1:36 down just remember do not pick at the

1:39 nodule but if you have a cyst you should

1:41 see your dermatologist so there might be

1:43 some other underlying condition going on

1:45 and this has been Angie Warner for pro

1:48 beauty at pro Pilates in Fort Lauderdale

1:49 Florida and today I've talked about how

1:52 you can get rid of pimples deep

1:54 underneath the skin