How to Get Married in a National Park

How to Get Married in a National Park. If you're fond of the great outdoors, a national park can provide breathtaking vistas as a backdrop to your wedding ceremony. Not all parks can accommodate weddings, and there are some hoops you'll have to jump through, but the result can be spectacular.

Go to the National Park Service web site at to find a list of all the national parks.

Check individual parks for each one's policy on weddings. Often, they will list popular wedding venues within the park.

Apply for a special use permit to hold your wedding. This form often can be downloaded from the web site.

Submit the permit, pay the fee ($50-200) and wait for the park to issue the permit. The wait may be several weeks, so allow plenty of time.

Familiarize yourself with the regulations that surround being married in a national park, including permissible guest count, accessible areas and parking restrictions. These should be listed on each park's web site.

Find a qualified person to officiate at your wedding.

Get a marriage license for the state where the park is located.

Gather your loved ones for a wedding in nature's beauty. An approved, signed copy of the permit must be in your possession during the ceremony.