How to Get Fitted for a Bridesmaid Dress

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Bridesmaids and their attire are essential to the success of any wedding. Usually with the input of her friends, a bride will choose a style of bridesmaid dress that is in harmony with the bride’s dress and the theme of the wedding. The dresses will be ordered by the bride in plenty of time for the bridesmaids to have them fitted. Do not wait until the last minute to have your dress fitted, as you could end up with a poorly fitting dress, compromising the overall beauty of the bride’s big day.

Talk with the bride and the other bridesmaids when the bride is considering dresses. She will need to know your size and may want to know if there are any colors or styles that you are averse to. Let her know if you have any special or personal needs that should be to be taken into consideration when ordering the dresses. For example, the bride may not choose backless dresses if you have a back tattoo that could be distracting during the ceremony. Try to be open-minded and to not put unnecessary demands on the bride regarding which dress she chooses. Remember, it is ultimately her decision and her wedding.

Wait to receive notification from the bridal shop when the dresses have arrived. Schedule an appointment to go in for an initial fitting. Wear a proper-fitting bra and underwear. The fitter will assess alterations that need to be made to the length, the straps or sleeves, the bust, and the waist and hips. Bring the shoes that you will be wearing with you so that you and the fitter will know what the dress will look like with shoes on. If you do not yet have your shoes, bring a comparable pair.

Wait to receive notification from the bridal shop that the alterations have been made. Schedule an appointment to try on the dress. Make sure the dress fits comfortably and is not too tight. The torso should be formfitting and the neckline should not sag. Let the fitter know if there are any additional alterations that you think need to be made.

Keep your dress hung up in garment bag until the wedding. Do your makeup before putting on the dress, so that none gets smeared on the dress. Iron the dress before putting it on, if necessary.