How to Get Customized Shoes Made

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Even before television character Carrie Bradshaw began strutting around Manhattan in her signature high heels, fabulous shoes were a fashion obsession. Whether the wearer is a loyal fan of sneakers, stilettos or leather boots, customized shoes can give an outfit a one-of-a-kind feel. From decorating your own sneakers to ordering specially-designed pumps, you can get a pair of customized kicks.

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Accessorize a pair of shoes yourself with various odds and ends. You can jazz up a pair of plain sneakers with wild laces in rainbow colors, or use twine, strips of fabric or lace in place of traditional laces. You can also add beads or charms to decorate the laces. A pair of plain white canvas sneakers is an open invitation for the creative-minded. Use fabric paint, draw on them with markers or apply rhinestones with glue.

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Visit a cobbler or shoe-maker. The art of hand-crafted shoes goes back hundreds of years, a time before department stores and catalogs offered countless styles. When in need of footwear, a customer would visit a cobbler to have her foot measured and to explain the style, color, and fit of the shoe she desired. While shoe makers no longer occupy every street corner, a few cobblers still practicing the art can build a custom shoe for any foot.

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Check out custom options from major manufacturers. Many big shoe companies have options for ordering custom shoes in a variety of colors, patterns and styles. For a reasonable price, these manufacturers will design a pair of unique shoes for you. Often, you can place your order online in just a few minutes.