How to Get A+D Ointment Out of Hair

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A+D ointment is a medicinal preparation containing lanolin and petroleum jelly as its active ingredients. It works as a skin protectant and is used to treat minor cuts, scrapes and diaper rashes. Although it may work well on sensitive skin, it has a greasy, thick consistency, making it water insoluble and difficult to wash out of hair.

Use paper towels to dab and wipe as much A+D ointment out of your hair as possible. Run each paper towel down the length of your hair, gently squeezing as you go. This removes clumps of ointment that are sitting on your hair.

Pat cornstarch onto your hair, being sure to cover the length of the hair strands. Cornstarch works as an absorbent and pulls some of the ointment out of your hair before shampooing. Leave the cornstarch on your hair for a few minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Apply peanut butter to your hair; this acts as a degreaser. Rub the peanut butter into your hair, then rinse it out with warm water. Towel dry your hair after the peanut butter is completely rinsed out.

Run a finetooth comb through your hair to pull out any remaining A+D ointment. Repeat the peanut butter shampoo if necessary.