How to Get a Permanent Wave

How to Get a Permanent Wave. Permanent waves used to mean dry, brittle, frizzy hair. That's not necessarily the case any more. You can safely get a permanent wave in your hair to create just about any type hairstyle you want.

Study hairstyles that have fullness to them. Permanent body waves can give you a variety of ways to style your hair without ever having curly hair.

Let your hair grow out a bit. Lots of layers tend to make a fuller head of hair, so if you're looking for a sleeker body permanent, grow out the layers.

Trim off as many highlighted ends as you can while still maintaining your hair style. The chemicals that highlight your hair also cause it to be dry and brittle. If you add those chemicals to the permanent wave chemicals, your hairstyle may resemble straw.

Get your hair in good shape before you get a permanent wave. Take time to condition it regularly. If you don't have time for daily treatments, treat your hair to weekly deep conditioning.

Refrain from getting your hair colored for 2 or 3 weeks before and after you get a permanent wave. While most color products contain conditioners that help your hair, the bottom line is they also contain chemicals that can dry out the hair shaft and damage it.

Find an expert hairdresser to give you the permanent wave. While you can give yourself a permanent, you get the best results in a salon. Make sure you both agree on the amount of curl you desire before you begin the process.