How to Fold Dress Pants

Preda Bogdan/iStock/Getty Images

Folding dress pants instead of hanging them on a hanger is necessary from time to time, particularly if you travel for business. Any time you need to fold your dress pants, do it in a way that minimizes wrinkles. Taking an extra moment or two in the folding process pays off in the long run with fewer wrinkles when you arrive at your destination.

Hold the pants by the waistband. Fasten the closure and zip the zipper.

Position both hands on the front of the waistband approximately 3 inches out from the closure on each side and fold the pants in half so that the back pockets are on the outside.

Align the front pleats as you hold the pants with the legs hanging down freely. Line up the pleats along the existing pressed crease that runs the length of the legs. If you are not able to find front pleats or creases, you can settle for aligning the pant legs at the bottom edges and neatly arranging the pant legs.

Lay the lined up and folded dress pants flat on a work surface. At this point the dress pants are folded in half so that you see one entire leg of the dress pants. Smooth any wrinkles with your hands.

Fold the dress pants in half, from bottom to top, at the mid point of the pants legs. Arrange the fold so that it is neat and the waistband of the pants faces down.

Fold the dress pants in half one more time.

Arrange the dress pants so that the folds are neat and crisp.