How to Fold Boxer Briefs in the Military

by Angela Reinholz ; Updated September 28, 2017

Military personnel fold their laundry in a precise way so that it fits into a sea bag or military duffel bag. A precisely-folded item of clothing will help a person look presentable on duty. Boxer briefs are folded into a compact square so that the briefs take up little space and are virtually wrinkle free when the soldier or sailor takes his briefs out of the military bag.

Place the boxer briefs on a flat surface with the front side up and the waistband toward the folder. Smooth out any wrinkles that you see with your hands so that the boxer briefs are wrinkle free.

Fold the boxer briefs in half, the right leg going over the left leg. Press down across the boxer briefs with your hands to smooth wrinkles. Match the top of the right half to the top of the left half and the bottom of the right half to the bottom of the left half of the briefs. Nothing should appear uneven or wrinkled.

Fold the left side over the right side so the left top corner is roughly 1 inch from the right edge of the briefs.

If the waistband has ties, tuck them inside the briefs.

Press the boxer briefs flat so there are no wrinkles and then fold the bottom half on top of the top half. Fold the left half of the folded boxer briefs over the right half and you will have a small, neatly-folded set of boxer briefs.

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