How to Fold a Men's Suit

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Traveling with a men's suit is easiest when the suit can be packed in a suit bag with a hanger. Unfortunately, there are times when a men's suit has to be folded down into a suitcase or into a box to be stored or mailed. A wrinkled men's suit is not an attractive piece of attire, and ironing it can be a real hassle. In order to properly fold a men's suit, several techniques should be followed to limit the amount of wrinkling and distress.

Empty all suit pockets. Clear out all electronics, handkerchiefs, wallets, keys and papers when folding the suit. Remove all items from the suit coat's pockets and the pants pockets.

Fold the suit pants. Put the slacks in the suitcase before packing any other items. Place the waistband of the slacks in the middle of the suitcase or box and pull the legs outward. Fold the legs back over the pants and lightly crease them where the suitcase ends. Fold the rest of the legs on top. Do not fold the slacks in half vertically, or there will be a large wrinkle in the seat of the pants.

Fold the suit jacket. Fold the jacket in half horizontally and fold the arms under the jacket to where the arms criss-cross in the back without folding. If the box or suitcase is large enough, place the suit jacket in the suitcase without additional folds. Fold the suit in half horizontally again if needed. Avoid folding the suit jacket vertically down the middle or there will be a noticeable wrinkle down the center of the coat.

Fold the suit shirt. Button up the dress shirt completely. Fold the shoulder and arm area of the shirt behind the front of the shirt so the arms crease gently across the back of the shirt. Fold the tail of the shirt below the belt line and tuck the tail portion under the rest of the shirt. Fold the shirt in half and place it on top of the pants and suit jacket. Fold the tie in half and place it on top of the other clothing items.

Place a large piece of unfolded tissue paper between each item. The tissue paper will help keep each item from wrinkling where the item on top is pressed against it. Avoid crinkling the tissue paper, and keep the sheets smooth and flat. Discard the used tissue paper and use new paper each time the suit is folded.