How to Fix Cuts in Polyester Clothes

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Polyester fabric's flimsy composition sometimes makes it difficult to repair. If you have a cut in one of your polyester clothing items, then you can repair it using a little fabric glue made for polyester fabric. Using strong fabric glue is a subtle and effective way to close up a cut without going to the trouble of creating a series of noticeable stitches.

Turn the fabric inside out. Cut a small length of fabric off the border of the cut to create more of a hole in the fabric. You are creating a larger hole to make it easier to fit the hole with a patch of fabric.

Apply glue around the circumference of the hole. Allow the glue to dry. This protects against fraying.

Cut a small patch of iron-on stabilizer cloth that is slightly larger than the hole. Iron it to the back of the garment so that it covers the hole. Remember that your garment is still inside out, so you are ironing the stabilizer onto the back of the hole. This helps to strengthen the repair and help the seam hold once you have glued the cut fabric together.

Turn the garment right side out. Cut a matching piece of fabric that fits into the hole using similar polyester fabric.

Apply glue into the hole and on top of the iron-on stabilizer. Place the piece of fabric on top of the hole using a pair of tweezers. Press the fabric gently onto the stabilizer until the fabric is in position and covers the hole. Allow the glue to dry.

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