How to Find My Jersey Size

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Sports fans love to support their favorite team by watching the games and wearing the team jersey. However, if you order a jersey without being sure of your size, you may end up with one that will fit like a tent or that you can't squeeze into. Instead of guessing your jersey size, it is better to determine it before placing an order.

Check the sizing information listed for different brands of sports jerseys on sporting goods websites. Compare your American chest size information with the size listed for the brand of jersey you would like to purchase.

Go to a sporting goods store nearby to try on the different sizes of sports jerseys. Compare the different sizes and choose the size that fits most comfortably and looks the best on you. Jerseys are sized differently than t-shirts, so it is best to try them on to find your size. Some people prefer a looser size and some prefer a more fitted jersey.

Measure the distance between your shoulders and the distance around your chest from armpit to armpit. Telephone a local sporting goods store or visit the store, and ask the store clerk which size jersey would best fit your measurements. Find out if the jersey is made of cotton or polyester. If it is a cotton jersey, make sure it has been preshrunk or else you may want to purchase a size larger in case of shrinkage.