How to Find Jewelry Worn by a TV Actor

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You're watching your favorite TV show, when one of the stars walks onto the screen wearing the single most gorgeous piece of jewelry you've ever laid eyes on. You want one. You might want two if the watch, necklace, bracelet or earrings come in a variety of colors. Identifying the bling of your dreams was the easy part. Now, you need to track it down so you not only own the piece, but you also have a story to tell every time you wear it.

Grab a pen and paper. Write down the name of the TV show, channel or network that aired the program and note the name of the character wearing the jewels and the time of day. Wait for the credits to roll at the end of the show to see if fashion designers, fashion firms, stylists, or other folks involved with dressing members of the cast are listed on the roster, as they're the most likely to know where a piece of jewelry originated.

Write directly to the person who seems most likely to be a wardrobe contact, or address your request for information to the show's producer. Describe the piece of jewelry you're searching for and ask for the name of the designer, the company that made the piece and the retail outlet that carries the brand. Keep your expectations low, as one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces are frequently given to TV programs gratis by jewelers in return for PR; consequently, these pieces may never see the inside of a retail store.

Send an e-mail to the network or the show's producers (see the Resources posted at the end of this article). Address your request for information to the local TV affiliate in your state, the cable channel in your area or directly to the network airing the broadcast. Include information to identify the wearer and the piece. You might be asked for the approximate time the jewelry appeared on the screen in the event the actor wore several pieces of jewelry that are similar.

Visit Internet sites that showcase, describe, resell and otherwise advertise the clothing, jewelry, shoes and accessories worn by actors and celebrities, either on the air or in their personal lives (see Resources). Look for the name of the person dressed in the jewelry you covet on site sidebars, or contact the webmaster to see if he can point you in the direction of the jewelry or identify the designer.

Take a different route if the jewelry in question appeared in a magazine after paparazzi snapped the TV actor undertaking "real life" errands or attending a red carpet event. Write directly to the publication (a long shot), communicate with the actor (another long shot) or try his agent. Pose the question, "Where can I get that gorgeous chain Brad was wearing on the cover of the April 15th issue of People?" You might be surprised to find it's available at a local mall.