How to Fill Out Bridal Shower Invitations

When filling out bridal shower invitations, you want an invitation that captures the mood of the celebration and provides guests with clear information. Furthermore, this invitation will be a special memento for the bride-to-be. With a little planning, and some double checking, you will easily be able to create an invitation that suits the perfect shower you are planning.

Decide how many invitations you will need and who will help pay for invitations. Set a budget to spend on the invitations. Discuss a guest list with the bride-to-be.

Chose the type of invitation you will send. Premade invitations, invitation kits, printable templates, custom printed and homemade invitations are all possibilities. Decide if your invitation will be formal or casual and if it will follow a theme. Luncheons, brunches, couples showers or showers that revolve around a certain type of gift like lingerie, kitchen items or household items are all popular. Consider matching the invitation to the style of the wedding.

Create a rough draft of the invitation that has all the necessary information.

Write the introduction to the bridal shower invitation. Traditional wording is often presented, “Please join us for a bridal shower honoring the bride-to-be, Miss Sarah Peacock.” For a themed party, create an introduction that matches the theme such as, “Before Ella tells Jacob, 'I do!' Let’s help them decorate their home room by room.” Feel free to develop a creative introduction that matches the style of the shower. See the Resources section of this article for more wording samples.

Include the basic information. The bride’s name, and the shower's date, time and location must all be included. Who is hosting the shower is often included also.

Include any theme information that is needed. If you wish guests to bring a recipe, photo of the couple or a piece of lingerie, make the request clear in the invitation.

Specify if guests should RSVP or contact for regrets only. Include the phone number and name of who should be contacted. Email may also be given but do not make it the sole option.

Consider including registry information. This is sometimes considered improper etiquette, but it is often appreciated. Find out how invitations in your area and the families involved tend to address the issue if you are unsure.

Provide information that will help people traveling from out of town if needed. A map and phone number in case anyone gets lost would be greatly appreciated.

Fill out the invitations after having others double check all the information from the rough draft.

Send the invitations out approximately four weeks before the shower.