How to Fill Balloons With Gifts

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It's one thing to give the perfect gift. It's another thing entirely to give the perfect gift to your friend or loved one in a balloon. While you can get a pricey teddy bear in a balloon from your local mall gift shop, you can slash the price and increase your cool factor by doing it yourself.

Stretch the stuffing balloon by placing two fingers from each hand into the opening of the balloon and extending your hands several times until the opening has more give.

Shorten the balloon's opening by rolling it down twice. There are six tabs that are meant to hold the balloon in place while you're inserting the gift using the balloon-stuffing machine. Stretch the balloon's opening over the two tabs that are closest to you, using your thumbs. Fasten the tabs. Keep one of your thumbs inside of the balloon's opening so that it's holding the balloon in place, and then stretch the balloon's opening to the other two tabs. Repeat the process, and then do the same for the last two tabs.

Place the motor on a flat surface and plug it in. The screened area should be facing upward, and the foot pedal should be placed in an area where it will be easily operable.

Place the round top part of the machine that is holding the balloon on top of the motor so that the part holding the balloon is on top. Inflate the balloon by pressing down on the foot pedal until the balloon is completely full of air.

Remove your foot from the pedal, lift the round part of the machine from the motor, and place it on a flat working surface.

Pour in confetti, candy and any small gift that will fit through the opening, which will be around five inches.

Release the opening of the balloon carefully from each tab so that it doesn't puncture. Twist the balloon's "neck" around your fingers and tie it into a knot.